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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Rift? 5 Times Netanyahu's Speech Showed America's Well on Board With His Dangerous Plans

By Michael Arria, AlterNet

Rhetoric aside, Israel and the US still want the same things.

5 Signs Scott Walker Is Using GOP’s Racist 'Southern Strategy' to Win in 2016

By Roger Bybee, AlterNet

Walker demonizes unions, the poor and voters of color in order to appeal to whites.

Hey, Smug White People: You (Yes, You) Are a Racist, Too

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Don't imagine that being a racist is something that only happens to other people.

Jon Stewart Mocks John Boehner's Terrifying Kissy Face

By , AlterNet

In response to a press question, Boehner puckers up his lips and ... watch below.

Taser International and Cops Profiting from Police Brutality

By Michael Arria, AlterNet

Taser has seen its stock price double since Michael Brown was killed.

Here’s How to Find Out If Your Penis Is a Normal Size, According to Science

By Agence France-Presse, AFP

Scientific research has come up with an average length for guys.

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Thinks of Israel as an 'Offshore Military Base'

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

The U.S. helped provide the arms to Israel in last year's destruction of Gaza.

Honduras Is Sold as a Libertarian Paradise -- I Went, and Discovered a Capitalist Nightmare

By Edwin Lyngar, Salon

A glimpse into a society run for the benefit of a handful of the rich and global conglomerates.

6 Signs It May Be Time to Break Up With Your Friend

By Jennifer Twardowski, The Huffington Post

There are a few moments in life where a breakup with a friend may be in order.

What the Hell Is Concierge Medicine?

By Alison Prelusky, Daily Kos

This personalized form of health care comes with a heavy price for the patient.

Tennessee Churches Pray For City to Pass Ban on ‘Swingers Club’ and ‘Sinful’ Acts

By David Edwards, Raw Story

Churches in the Volunteer State protested a social club's plans to relocate near a Christian school.

Meet the Menstruators Fighting Canada's 'Tampon Tax'

By Sarah Berman, The Tyee

A Q&A with two young activists leading a campaign for tax exemption.

Why (and How) We Should Legalize Psychedelics

By George Zilliac, AlterNet

Psychedelics hold enormous potential for understanding the human mind.

Israeli Security Veterans Speak Out Against Netanyahu, Calling Him a 'Danger' to Israel

By Jonathan Cook, AlterNet

Former generals urge Netanyahu to cancel his speech to Congress before damaging U.S. relations even further.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Fear Dominates Politics, Media and Human Existence in America—And It’s Getting Worse

By Don Hazen, AlterNet

Today, AlterNet launches a series of articles and investigations on fear, and how to combat it.

Noam Chomsky: Why Israel's Netanyahu Is So Desperate to Prevent Peace with Iran

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

The distinguished professor lays bare Israel's motives.

WATCH: John Oliver's Brilliant Rant—Even 'That Idiot' Donald Trump Knows We Have to Rebuild Our Infrastructure

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

The late-night comedian eviscerates our political leaders for their lack of action.

How a Father With a Twitter Account Stopped a White Supremacist Terrorist from Shooting a Bunch of School Kids

By Paul Rosenberg, Salon

9/11 truther spewed terrifying and hateful threats, and one dad could not let it go.

Guess What Scott Walker and ISIS Have in Common

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

Walker's comment comparing fighting ISIS to fighting unions is quite ironic.

U.S. Justice Report Finds Blatant Pattern of Racial Bias in Policing in Ferguson

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

Ferguson police found to stop and search African-American motorists disproportionately.

Paul Krugman on the Real Meaning of the Walmart Wage Hike

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Don't believe the hype! Rampant inequality is a choice.

10 Things America Must Do to Stop Ruining the World

By Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch

My letter to an unknown American patriot.

Extremely Graphic Video: L.A. Police Shoot Unarmed Homeless Man in Broad Daylight

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

There was an altercation, but was lethal force the only option?

Bill O'Reilly's Meltdown and the 10 Most Disgraceful Moments From the Fox News Hall of Shame

By Alex Henderson, AlterNet

Quite often, Fox News is too busy being racist and xenophobic to let facts get in the way.

Americans Turning Away From Organized Religion in Record Numbers

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

What's the future of religious institutions in the U.S.? Answer: None.

City of Cleveland: 12-year-old Tamir Rice Caused His Own Death by Failing to ‘Avoid Injury’

By Scott Kaufman, Raw Story

Cleveland makes a bizarre argument to avoid taking responsibility.

Why (and How) We Should Legalize Psychedelics

By George Zilliac, AlterNet

Psychedelics hold enormous potential for understanding the human mind.

You Would’ve Hated Your Heroes: Why History’s Great Men Seem So Morally Deficient

By Dan Falk, Salon

Winston Churchill was racist. Albert Einstein was a chauvinist. And that's not even the half of it!

The Chef of the Future Could Be a Robot—IBM Is Cooking Up Another Assault on Skilled Labor

By Melissa Kravitz, AlterNet

It sounds neat, but could have big-time human consequences.

Big Fashion’s Dirty Secret: How Major Clothing Brands Are Destroying Rainforests

By Lindsey Allen, Rainforest Action Network

"No one wants to see fashion models walking down the runway in climate changing couture."

5-Time-Married Texas Lawmaker Scrawls Complaint Against Judge who Allowed Same-Sex Marriage

By Tom Boggioni, Raw Story

Recently elected Texas House Rep. Tony Tinderholt’s complaint is not only misdirected, but may not have a legal foot to stand on.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The 10 Smartest (and the Dumbest) Presidents in America’s History

By Larry Schwartz, AlterNet

Some presidents weren’t firing on all cylinders.

It’s Worse than Scott Walker and Ted Cruz: Secrets of Conservatives’ Decades-Long War on Truth

By Heather Cox Richardson, Salon

The right knows that facts and reason have a liberal bent. That's why their decades-long strategy is to lie.

5 Right-Wing Lunacies This Week: The Nonstop Comedy Show of CPAC

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Plus, Senator Inhofe says a snowball disproves climate change!

Fox News Guest: Obama Shouldn’t Ban Armor-Piercing Rounds Because ‘Tiny Bullets’ Can’t Hurt Cops

By David Edwards, Raw Story

The guest worries more about "disarming citizens" than about saving cops' lives.

How Toxic Are the Food Colorings in What You Eat?

By Ari LeVaux, AlterNet

Big companies like Nestle are quietly making the switch to natural food coloring. What are the dangers?

CPAC: Conservatives Still Battling the Sexual Revolution

By Jeb Lund, The Guardian

Some things never change.

8 Things You Should Know About Pot Cannabidiol

By Martin A. Lee, Project CBD

Medicinal CBD cannabis oils are all the rage, but there's a lot of misinformation out there. Let's take a look.

Kansas Could Put Teachers In Prison For Assigning Books Prosecutors Don’t Like

By Luke Brinker,

The State Senate has passed a measure that could punish teachers who share "harmful" material.

Christian Singer Who Sold His Song to "Fifty Shades of Grey": "I Thought It Was a Rom-Com"

By Maddie Oatman, Mother Jones

St. Paul and the Broken Bones' song "Call Me" was featured in the hit film.

Boiling Point: Why Do We Let Big Oil Send Workers to Their Deaths?

By Jonathan Rosenblum, Tikkun

We are experiencing a vast number of preventable deaths.

Why More Black Parents Are Homeschooling Their Children

By Jessica Huseman, The Hechinger Report

The reasons are not typically the same as white parents who homeschool.

Fox Doctor Doesn't Know Difference Between Crack and Marijuana

By David Edwards, Raw Story

Dr. David Samadi has some interesting theories.

The (Not Entirely New) Republican War on American History

By Steve Singiser, Daily Kos

The GOP struggles to control the past.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beyoncé as Gateway to Satan? The Long, Strange History of Conservative Christian Panic Over Satanism

By Evan McMurry, AlterNet

From yoga and Smurfs to Heavy Metal, fears of Satan are a map to the shifting class and gender anxieties beneath the culture wars.

Vitamania! Are You Being Hoodwinked by Nutritional Supplements?

By Gyorgy Scrinis, Columbia University Press

Thanks to the media and vitamin industry, the public has come to expect a lot more from vitamins than they get.

Scott Walker's ISIS Gaffe Causes Explosion of Mocking Images

By Giles Goat Boy, Daily Kos

Internet parodies abound after the Wisconsin governor compares union members to terrorists.

Has Porn Overwhelmed Our Brains? The "NoFap" Movement Thinks So

By Carrie Weisman, AlterNet

NoFappers say their brains have been warped by porn, at the expense of real relationships.

CPAC 2015 Wants You to Know: You Are In Terrible Danger

By Jeb Lund, The Guardian

From warmongers to conspiracy theorists, all of those present can agree that America needs to be afraid.

Scott Walker Loses His Mind: What’s Behind His Delusional ISIS-Unions Comparison

By Joan Walsh, Salon

Comparing battles with unions to fighting terrorists, the cocky Wisconsin governor unites right and left in horror.

How Psychedelics Might Transform the Human Mind and Lead Humanity Towards Intellectual and Artistic Heights

By Thomas B. Roberts, AlterNet

Psychedelics are undergoing a revival of interest, but where do we go from here? A leading thinker offers a four-stage preview.

Feel Like Your Life Has Become Monetized? You’re Not Alone

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Alissa Quart's new book offers poems of subtle insight that resist the marketization of American life.

South Carolina College Bans Homosexuality After Athletes Come Out as Gay

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

Erskine College banned same-sex relationships because it isn’t part of “God’s intended design.”

Why Is a Wildlife Rehab Center Authorizing Charter Schools? Inside the Wild World of Charter Regulation

By Marian Wang, Pro Publica

Many of these "authorizers" are woefully inexperienced, under-resourced or confused about their mission.

The Sneaky Ways Big Food Is Marketing Junk As Natural and Healthy

By Lindsay Abrams,

The "snack better" movement is based on a lot of lies

A Message to Republicans: Millions of Americans Won't Forget How You Treated Their Mom and Dad

By Walter Einenkel, The Daily Kos

Congressman Luis Gutierrez dropped a simple fact during the House Judiciary Committee a couple of days ago.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Road-Tripping With Jesus? 6 Batsh*t Crazy Right-Wing GOP State Bills

By Gary Legum, AlterNet

These states are pushing the boundaries of constitutional law and common sense.

Dear Patricia Arquette: Here's What Your Oscar Speech Failed to Mention

By Brittney Cooper, Salon

Black America’s hidden tax is why this feminist of color is going on strike.

Three Apparent Whoppers Bill O'Reilly Has Told About His Career

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

The Fox blowhard has a, shall we say, shaky relationship with the truth.

This Is What a Terrorist Looks Like to Scott Walker

By Brendan Fischer, PR Watch

The Wisconsin governor made the insane claim that he fought unions, so he can fight ISIS.

Is the U.S. 'Fast-tracking' Its Way to a Toxic Nightmare?

By Alison Rose Levy, AlterNet

The EU prohibits many harmful ingredients America allows. But multinational corporations are looking to change that and the TPP would allow them to.

Louisiana Man Got Life in Prison for Selling $20 of Pot

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

Homeless at the time, he sold a little weed to get something to eat.

You're Not the Boss of Me! Why Libertarianism Is a Childish Sham

By David Masciotra, AlterNet

Libertarians believe they're rebels, but they are really political children who scream through tears.

Bill Maher Blasts NFL Ban on Weed: 'Maybe It's Because Pot Doesn't Make You Violent'

By Arturo Garcia, Raw Story

Beer, the official NFL sponsor, "is responsible for more violence against women than the Taliban.”

Rape of Teens in Adult Prisons So Common, the State Made a Video on How to Avoid It

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

The videos, while no doubt useful, seem like a colossal admission of failure, too.

Black Women Are Beaten, Sexually Assaulted and Killed By Police. Why Don't We Talk About It?

By Tasha Fierce, Bitch Magazine

The degradation and sexual exploitation of black women’s work dates back to slavery.

Paul Krugman: How Austerity Madness Was Dealt a Crucial Blow this Week

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

"The Greek government didn’t succumb to the bum’s rush, and that in itself is a kind of victory."

Inside the Life of a 'Righteous Dopefiend'

By Zachary Siegel, The Fix

San Francisco's heroin addicts are the subject of a new photography exhibition based on a stellar work of urban anthropology.

The Right’s Fear of Education: What I Learned As a (Former) Conservative Military Man

By Edwin Lyngar, Salon

Sensible people need to stand up against the vilification of education.

Texas Conservatives Run Roughshod Over Towns Who Vote to Ban Plastic Bags

By David Morris, AlterNet

The arguments for stripping people of their right to protect and enhance the vitality of their communities are weak.

Poll: 49 Percent of Republicans Do Not Believe in Evolution

By Hunter, Daily Kos

Also, 66 percent of Republicans say they do not believe in global warming.

I'm Very Fat and I Still Get Laid All the Time -- Shocked?

By Suzanne Samin, xojane

I’m the kind of fat that makes people wonder who could possibly want to sleep with me.

Jessa Duggar Lashes Out at Liberal Christians: You’re Going to Hell, But I’m Not

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

The star of “19 Kids and Counting” warned that "God’s judgment” is not something to be taken lightly.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Won on Net Neutrality! FCC Designates Internet as a Public Utility

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Years of activism and mobilization overcome telecom monopolies.

Dumb Things Donald Trump, Fake Presidential Candidate, Has Said Just This Week

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

This is just a tiny sampler of all the ludicrous things The Donald has said in the past few days.

How a Teenager Who Didn't Kill Anyone Landed in Jail for 55 Years

By Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

An unarmed 16-year-old pulled no trigger, was himself shot and was found guilty of felony murder.

Benjamin Netanyahu Has Been Lying to Americans For 20 Years

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

It's a record that members of Congress should ponder on before they leap to applaud for his upcoming address.

Banksy Puts Up New Works Amidst the Bombed-Out Ruins of Palestine

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The artist offers a satirically upbeat travelogue of the devastation in Gaza.

Rape of Teens in Adult Prisons So Common, the State Made a Video on How to Avoid It

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

The videos, while no doubt useful, seem like a colossal admission of failure, too.

9 Things You Think You Know About Jesus That Are Probably Wrong

By Valerie Tarico, AlterNet

Evidence points to some startling conclusions about what the historical Jesus was like—if he existed at all.

The Terrifying "Smart" City of the Future

By Allegra Kirkland, AlterNet

So-called "smart cities" are being heralded as the way of the future, but they have troubling social and political consequences.

Powerful New Film About Campus Rape Reveals Shocking New Insights About Male Behavior

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

The film looks at how colleges and universities silence survivors of sexual assaults on campus.

WATCH: Jon Stewart's Definitive Takedown of Fox News—50 Lies in 6 Seconds

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

And plenty more where those came from.

'Avatar' Director James Cameron Opening Up a Vegan School

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

In addition to blockbusters, the director says he's focusing on getting kids to eat "the right thing" to aid the planet.

Why So Many Women Don't Enjoy Sex As Much As They Could

By Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet

Female sexuality is often defined in terms of what men want.

Here’s What Happens to Your Brain When You Give Up Sugar

By Jordan Gaines Lewis, The Conversation

Increasing neuro-chemical and behavioral evidence suggests that sugar is addictive.

Down and Dirty Fairy Tales: How This Rediscovered Stash of Darker-Than-Grimm Stories Destroys our Prince Charming Myths

By Laura Miller, Salon

The translator of a newly discovered trove of 150-year-old tales on the gender-bending surprises found there.

Republicans in Congress Threaten DC Mayor with Arrest If She Pushes Marijuana Through

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

The nation's capitol is set to legalize marijuana at midnight.

“To Your Bone You’re Cold,” What It's Like to Be Homeless in the Freezing Cold

By Oliver Laughland, The Guardian

The city recently called a“Code Blue,” meaning shelters were instructed to keep their premises open all day.

LAPD Kill Unarmed Mentally Ill Veteran on TV -- And Their Defense Won't Shock You

By Shaun King, Daily Kos

Brian Beaird never appeared to be a threat to the officers who shot him 21 times.

My 5-Year-Old Grandson Hates Homework—And I Don't Blame Him

By Laurie Levy, AlterNet

We are asking too much, too soon of our littlest learners.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why the Right-Wing Is as Obsessed with Brainwashing Your Kid as With Looting Social Security

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

We must teach our children US history accurately and inform the world about the essentials of human rights.

The City that Privatized Itself to Death

By Ian Martin, The Guardian

Bit by bit, London has been handed over to pinstriped investors ‘reeking of lunch.'

WATCH: Jon Stewart Says, Of Course, O'Reilly's Stories Are 'Seasoned with Bullsh*t', But Lying Is Fox's Brand

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Late night host suggests we should reserve our greatest outrage for people who lie to get us into wars.

Stop Trolling Erica Garner and Other Black People Over Al Sharpton—We Know Who the Real Enemies Are

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

Right-wing group's gotcha journalism exposed.

21 Rand Paul Quotes That Expose What a Con Job Libertarianism Is

By Justin Carissimo, AlterNet

"Gonna make the Oval Office a little more #Chic."

US Has Repeatedly Ignored International Law, Following Its Own Unwritten Rules

By Alfred McCoy, TomDispatch

From bloody coups to decades of torture, American exceptionalism is weakening the international system it created.

Laser Vibrators? Here's What Was in Those $168,000 Swag Bags at the Oscars

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

And the rich just keep getting richer.

Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew? 5 Weirdest Corporate Food Concoctions Known to Humanity

By Sofia Barrett-Ibarria, AlterNet

Any unlikely flavor combination is fair game when it comes to the latest food gimmick.

O'Reilly's Flunkies Are Lashing Out Wildly as Scandal Grows

By Joan Walsh, Salon

As Fox News' bully threatens a N.Y. Times reporter, a right-wing radio hack and other assorted pals go nuts.

Sh*tting on the Israeli Flag: The Art of Natali Cohen Vaxberg (Video)

By David Sheen, AlterNet

The radical artist uses human waste to make a statement about Israeli government policies.

Why Is Uber Making It Harder for Its Drivers to Earn Tips That They Deserve?

By Michael Arria, AlterNet

Another labor controversy for the 'sharing economy.'

10 Mind-Blowing Experiences Shared by People Who Took the Psychedelic DMT

By Daniel Hand,

The powerful, fast-acting drug takes people into many strange realms, from ego death to utter bliss.

Mall of America Gun Ban Outrages Fox: Why Won’t They ‘Arm the Shoppers’ Against Terrorists?

By David Edwards, Raw Story

The news reacted in usual fashion to the recent threat from al-Shabaab.

20 Ways Not to Be a Gentrifier

By Dannette Lambert, AlterNet

It isn’t the act of moving somewhere that makes you a gentrifier—it's what you do once you get there.

Why Reading and Writing on Paper Beat Digital Screens For Boosting Your Brain

By Tom Chatfield, The Guardian

Research shows that writing leads to an increase in conceptual understanding, application and retention.