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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition, Fighting in Iraq Until Hell Freezes Over

By Peter Van Buren, TomDispatch

It's beyond belief that Washington has again plunged into the swamp of the Sunni-Shia mess in Iraq.

World Leaders and Activists Express New Hope and Frustration at U.N. Climate Summit

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

The summit is a kick off to create a binding international climate-change treaty in 2015.

5 Happiest States in America (and the 5 Saddest)

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Find out how your state ranks on the happiness scale.

What Is It About Narcissism That Almost Everyone Doesn't Understand?

By Sarah Gray, Salon

Jeffrey Kluger discusses his new book about a clinical personality disorder that affects 1 to 3 percent of the population.

Cops Kill Deaf Man After He Refused To Obey Officer's Commands

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

Cops say Edward P. Miller was "brandishing a firearm."

5 Ways You Can Prevent Big Corporations from Ripping You Off

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

​Companies use consumers' common sense to cheat them out of their money.

Jon Stewart Skewers GOP Geniuses Trying to Contest Science of Climate Change

By , AlterNet

But have you considered the "wobbling" of the earth? The GOP has.

Why the Latest Trendy Approach to Learning Math Is Driving Students and their Families to Tears

By Laurie Levy, AlterNet

A new attempt at curricular reform has many children rejecting math, and their parents wondering which end is up.

McDonald's Wants to Re-Brand? Fast Food Needs to Rethink Everything

By Clarissa A. León, AlterNet

Getting rid of gross food is just the start.

Totalitarianism, American Style

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig

Understanding the subtle ways democracy has been undermined in the US.

Obama Is Burnishing His Legacy as the ‘At Least I Tried’ President

By Gary Younge, The Guardian

The claims that he is dealing with the mess of his predecessor or being obstructed by unreasonable Republicans now sound weak.

Why Are People Going Nuts Over the Latest Smartphones?

By Will Durst, AlterNet

Anyone depending that much on an accessory for their identity doesn’t need a new phone -- they need a new life.

The Top 10 Craziest Sex Laws in America

By Simcha , The Frisky

Laws are supposed to protects us, but when the government decides to get in our pants, some crazy stuff goes down.

Peace in Syria Won't Come from Sending in US Troops

By Patrick Cockburn, The Independent

Peace can only come from a diplomatic solution between the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Are Apple and Google Really on Your Side Against the NSA?

By Bill Blunden, CounterPunch

The tech giants' tacit message: Open your wallet for the latest gadget and you’ll be safe from Big Brother.

Big Beer Corporations Are Snapping Up Small Breweries, Watering Down Competition

By Benjamin Dangl, AlterNet

These kings of beer are riding the wave of craft brewing enthusiasm, duping customers along the way.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hackers Threaten Emma Watson with Nude Photo Leak After Her Moving U.N. Speech on Gender Equality

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Internet misogyny rears its head yet again.

Police Disperse, Arrest Some 'Flood Wall Street' Protesters, But Demonstrators Vow to Continue

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

The group 'occupied' Wall Street for several hours to protest corporate-fueled climate chaos.

American Bellies Are Getting Bigger: You Won't Believe Why

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Common wisdom holds that Americans are eating too much and not exercising enough. Actually, it's more complicated.

Robert Reich: Why Donald Trump and Big Corporations Get Breaks that Ordinary People Don't

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

People with lots of money can avoid consequences of bad bets—not you and me.

What Happens to Christianity When People Stop Believing in Hell?

By Valerie Tarico, AlterNet

The appeal of hell as a part of the faith package appears to be in decline, even among Evangelicals.

Professors on Food Stamps: The Shocking Exploitation of Toilers in the Ivory Tower

By Matt Saccaro, Salon

Three quarters of college professors are adjunct—many don't even earn minimum wage.

How Ayn Rand Brought You Kim Kardashian and the Cult of Self-Obsessed Celebrity

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

What does pure self-interest really look like?

Paul Krugman on What's Behind John Boehner's Stunning Ignorance About the Unemployed

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Jobless benefits have been slashed to the bone. What's with the victim-blaming GOP?

'F*ck It, I Quit': TV Reporter Walks off Set After Announcing She's Devoted to Legalizing Marijuana

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

Charlo Greene ditches TV gig for the sticky green.

A Is for Activism: Why I Took My 10-Month-Old to the People’s Climate March

By Maria Luisa Tucker, AlterNet

Yesterday’s rally was designed to be a family affair.

How Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner-City Black Kids

By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet

It may be the ugliest extreme of inequality in our country.

Giant, Diverse Climate March Makes History, with Protests on Tap for Monday

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Organizers say some 300,000 marchers made the climate action the largest in history, by far.

For-Profit Colleges Are America's Dream Crushers

By Hannah Appel, Astra Taylor, Tom Dispatch

Students who attend get education with a debt sentence.

Divided Families Meet to Touch Fingertips Through Tijuana’s Border Fence

By Roc Morin, AlterNet

"With the cameras, and the guns, and the helicopters—sometimes it really feels like a war."

The Loophole That Lets Cops Stop, Question and Search You for No Good Reason

By Simon Davis-Cohen, AlterNet

Cops are using roadside traffic stops to throw the Fourth Amendment out the window.

How We Are Often Trapped by A Fictitious Belief in "Manifest Destiny"

By Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz , Beacon Press

We are almost always unaware of the powers of U.S. history writing.

Cut It Out, Atheists! Why It’s Time to Stop Behaving like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins

By Steve Neumann,

A dominant strain of atheism just loves to throw mud at the religious. Here's why it needs to stop.

Domestic Abusers Routinely Stalk Victims Via Smart Phones and Laptops

By April M. Short, AlterNet

NPR reported digital abuse is so prevalent, shelters include 'digital detox' in their intake processes.

9 Crucial Ballot Measures that Could Legalize Marijuana and Help End the Drug War this Election

By Stephen Gutwillig, AlterNet

There are more drug policy reform questions on the ballot this November than ever in American history.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Giant, Diverse Climate March Makes History, with Protests on Tap for Monday

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Organizers say some 300,000 marchers made the climate action the largest in history, by far.

This Is How ISIS Wins: Repeating the Bush/Cheney/Rove Approach Just Won’t Work

By Paul Rosenberg,

The way to battle ISIS long-term is to understand its appeal and retain our humanity.

The Radical Environmental Solution You've Never Heard Of

By Larry Schwartz, AlterNet

Should we save the earth by getting rid of...ourselves?

5 Totally Vile Right-Wing Moments This Week: Hannity Stands Up for Child Abuse

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

'My father beat the crap out of me and look how great I turned out.'

Roger Goodell to CNN: My Story Makes No Sense, but Cut Me a Break, Will You?

By Arturo Garcia, Raw Story

Goodell strained to answer tough questions from CNN during a press conference announcing changes in league disciplinary policy.

Network TV Still Doesn't Take Women Politicians Seriously, Even if They Are Modeled on Hillary

By Hannah K. Gold, AlterNet

The new CBS political drama 'Madam Secretary' is a watered-down, faux feminist homage to Hillary Clinton.

5 Ways Walmart Has Stooped to New Lows This Month

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

Animal cruelty, lying about taxes and firing whistleblowers—all in the name of profit.

How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign

By Arun Gupta, CounterPunch

When the overriding demand is for numbers, it's about visuals, which is about marketing, everything becomes lowest common denominator.

Do You Really Want to Save the Earth? After the Climate March, Flood Wall Street!

By Richard (RJ) Eskow, Huffington Post

Monday's rally in NY's financial district will target the role of global capitalism, the root cause of our environmental crisis.

Police Brutality Against Street Vendor Is Exposed in Brooklyn

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

The most recent incident in Brooklyn is extreme but part of a larger issue.

Psychologist: Stop Bubble-Wrapping Your Kids! How Overprotection Leads to Psychological Damage

By Michael Ungar, Psychotherapy Networker

If overprotection can disadvantage children, why do so many parents continue to bubble-wrap their kids?

Neuroscientist Carl Hart: Everything You Think You Know About Drugs and Addiction Is Wrong

By April M. Short, AlterNet and Salon

"The overwhelming majority of drug users don’t have a drug problem.”

Americans' Faulty Memory: Polls Show Majority Like GOP's Discredited War Policies

By Joe Conason, AlterNet

Republicans have long styled themselves as the tough-guy "daddy party" and bamboozled much of the public with that image.

NH Senate Candidate Scott Brown Spins Lies After His Profits From Outsourcing American Jobs Are Exposed

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Brown pretends the paper company that employs him doesn't vaporize American jobs.

Why Cosmetics Giants Refuse to Remove Formaldehyde from Their Products

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet

Short answer: They don't care about your health.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

This “Zero-Waste” Supermarket Got Rid of All Food Packaging

By Lindsay Abrams,

The Berlin grocery store is an experiment in ecoconcious consumption.

Do We Even Need Breakfast? 5 Ways the Morning Meal Is Rapidly Changing

By Clarissa A. León, AlterNet

The most important meal of the day is evolving — and not for the better.

NH Senate Candidate Scott Brown Spins Lies After His Profits From Outsourcing American Jobs Are Exposed

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Brown pretends the paper company that employs him doesn't vaporize American jobs.

4 Big Activist Events for New York’s Climate Week

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Where to discuss, rally and protest climate change in the Big Apple.

7 Tips For College Freshmen, and Others Curious About Trying Pot For the First Time

By Amanda Reiman and Malik Burnett, AlterNet

Useful advice for anyone on the fence about using pot for the first time.

The Bizarre Behavior of Christian Conservatives This Week

By Dan Arel, AlterNet

The faithful are spinning out of control.

Ego, Money and False Promises: Michelle Rhee’s Big Secret and the Collapse of Education “Reform”

By Jeff Bryant, Salon

Maybe it’s time to stick a fork in education reform, and get set for what the new ed-tech industrialists are going to bring us.

The Surprising New Way to Get High

By Angela Bacca, AlterNet

Have you tried the patch?

Federal Appeals Court Ridicules Florida Cops For Using SWAT Team To Check On Barbershop Licenses

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The cops tried to claim immunity from prosecution for doing their jobs.

America's Sex Panic: No, the Kids Have Not "Gone Wild"

By Joel Best, Kathleen A. Bogle, NYU Press

The media depicts today's kids as having gone wild.

The Endless March of Police Brutality—7 Stories From Just This Week

By Katie Halper, AlterNet

Amid the new wave of protests in Ferguson, the sad and tragic cycle continues.

Fraternity Dosed Women With Date-Rape Drugs Based on Color-Coded Hand Stamps, Say Cops

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

Police say that the Tau Kappa Epsilon is under investigation after four people were dosed with "date rape" drugs and hospitalized.

The Forces That Conspire to Keep Local Government from Serving the People

By David Morris, AlterNet

How a Kentucky town fought entrenched corporate interests to deliver needed services.

Google Sleep Pods and Yelp Beer Pumps: Are We Supposed to Live at Work?

By Michael Moran, The Guardian

Corporations aim to blur the boundaries between leisure and work.

Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Things Parents Need To Stop Saying To Non-Parents

By John Kinnear, AlterNet

For one example, we’ve got to stop assuming that everyone is going to have kids.

How Playing Good Christian Housewife Almost Killed Me

By Vyckie Garrison, AlterNet

Our Christian sect encouraged a mindset in which dad was supreme patriarch. It led to extreme emotional abuse.

10 Republican Red States That Mooch off Coastal Liberal States

By Alex Henderson, AlterNet

Data shows that these hypocritical GOP-leaning states are likely to be the biggest recipients of federal tax money.

Pervs in Texas Can Still Legally Snap Photos Up Women's Skirts, Court Rules

By April M. Short, AlterNet

The court threw out a prohibitory “upskirt” photo law, because banning creepshots is “paternalistic."

The Unbelievable Harassment Black Women Face Daily on Twitter

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

Black women have to contend with sexism in addition to racism. How do they deal?

Bernie Sanders' 1987 Folk Album: White Rap Before It Had a Name

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Bernie sings the blues, and more!

Paul Krugman Has Some Truly Shocking News About Climate Change

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Hint: It's good. But will deniers and despairers listen?

Are You Eating Comfort Food? Stop! Here's What Really Works

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

The myth of comfort food is just that—a myth, new study says.

Hilarious Morning Clip: Colbert Ridicules Fox News 'Boots on the Ground' Inanity

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

"It's the kind of in-depth reporting you only get from Fox News, or Zappos."

How Did Being a Public School Teacher Become So Controversial?

By Dana Goldstein, Doubleday

A new book by Dana Goldstein offers powerful, historical perspective on our penchant for attacking teachers.

Woman Writes Epic Open Letter to Hedge Fund Bro Who Allegedly Groped Her

By Jenny Kutner, Salon

The reported groper responded to the incident by saying that he's "grabbed plenty of girls’ a**es" in his life.

What to Do When You're Running Out of Time

By Rebecca Solnit, TomDispatch

When it comes to climate change, there’s still a window open for action -- but it’s closing.

4 Things You Should Know About Your 'Third Eye'

By Scott Thill, AlterNet

We still lack a complete understanding of the pineal gland -- but that doesn't stop us from speculating.

Banker Shoots Corgi in Front of Horrified Neighbors

By David Edwards, Raw Story

"Something made him go over the edge, beyond reason,” a police official said of Washington state banker David William Latham.

Watch: Hip-Hop Star Boots Riley Calls for People to Stand Up for Climate Justice

By , YES! Magazine

Riley plays "Brother Earth" in a new comedic video.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

America's Political Spectrum Is Not Left to Right, It's Top to Bottom—And It has Failed the People

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet

Every day, there are populist uprisings, both large and small, all across this country.

Conservative Christians Trying Their Damnedest to Make America's Kids Wildly Ignorant

By Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet

You wouldn't believe what they're trying to stick in school kids' curricula.

Collectors Seize Wages of Millions of Americans Burdened by Debt

By Paul Kiel, Chris Arnold, ProPublica, NPR Online

Employees can lose up to a quarter of their paychecks over debts like unpaid credit card or medical bills and student loans.

What It's Like to Come Out as Asexual in Our Hypersexual Culture

By Tracy Clark-Flory, Salon

Why is identifying as asexual seen as such a shocker in America?

8 Worst Things Urban Outfitters Has Done

By Katie Halper, AlterNet

The recent furor over its faux-bloodstained Kent State sweatshirt isn't the only controversy the company has been involved in.

How We Can Rescue a World That's Going Up in Flames

By Rebecca Solnit, Tom Dispatch

Personal changes aren't enough; only great movements and collective action can save us now.

New Marijuana PSA Mocks Maureen Dowd’s Pot Freakout

By April M. Short, AlterNet

"Don't let a candy bar ruin your vacation."

6 Extremely Weird Facts About Marriage

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

If she's happy, the husband is happier. But not the other way around.

Richard Dawkins' Ignorant Sexism Gives Atheists a Bad Name

By Adam Lee, The Guardian

If he wants to be the face of a welcoming movement, he’s doing a terrible job.

Was Your Police Department Trained by Blackwater and Other Mercenaries?

By Ann Hagedorn, Simon and Schuster

Blackwater identified the training of domestic police as a potentially lucrative part of its business.

Elizabeth Warren: The Revolving Door Is Spinning Freely in Washington

By Elizabeth Warren, Huffington Post

The Massachusetts senator rails against Eric Cantor for taking a cushy private sector job after leaving office.

Are Prudish School Dress Codes Targeting Girls in Violation of Discrimination Laws?

By Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

Singling out female students for humiliation and discipline because of their sex is a blatant violation of federal law.

What Happened When I Took on a Bunch of Gun Nuts in a Deeply Red State

By Amanda Gailey, Salon

Want to understand why it's so hard to win the most basic gun safety reform? Here's how the debate so often goes.

Sacrificing the Vulnerable, From Gaza to America

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig

The people of Gaza are impoverished and powerless -- just like the poor people of color in this country whose bodies enrich the prison-industrial complex.

How Underground Therapists and Scientists Keep Psychedelic Medicine Alive Despite the Gov't Ban

By Tom Shroder, AlterNet

It could take decades before these drugs are legal, and the consequences are deadly.

10 Words You Didn't Know Used to Be Dirty

By Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9

Did you know that a "hat" meant something else back in the day?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How the Bush Administration Covered Up the Saudi Connection to 9/11

By James Ridgeway, CounterPunch

It's a story of how the White House sought to suppress evidence that would reveal how much it knew of the attack plot.

How One Twitter User Tracked Down Philadelphia Hate Crime Suspects All Through Social Media

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

“This won’t be tolerated. Not in our town, not anywhere.”

Naomi Klein on the Great Clash Between Capitalism and the Climate

By Don Hazen, Jan Frel, AlterNet

Klein discusses her new book, "This Changes Everything."

Adrian Peterson And What Our Fathers Did to Us

By Jeb Lund, The Guardian

You can never move on from toxic discipline.

Why Is the Right-Wing So Shocked that Miss America Worked with Planned Parenthood?

By Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

Conservative sites are flipping out, but the pageant has a long pro-choice history.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Joe Scarborough's Hypocritical Fury at Hillary Clinton's Gamesmanship

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

"Willary or Won'tary?" Most pundits think they already know the answer."

How Denial Caused One Major Health Catastrophe, and How It May Trigger More Crises

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

We haven't learned our lessons yet.

Chelsea Manning: How to Make ISIS Fall on Its Sword

By Chelsea Manning, The Guardian

Degrade and destroy? The west should try to disrupt the canny militants into self-destruction, because bombs will only backfire.

3 Things That Will Happen to Your Wallet in the Next Year

By Edward Harrison, AlterNet

Is the so-called recovery coming your way?

What NFL Star's Scandal Reveals About Black vs. White Child-Rearing

By Brittney Cooper, Salon

Black parenting is often too authoritative. White parenting is often too permissive. Both need to change.

In America, Healthy Eating Is for the Privileged

By Clarissa A. León, AlterNet

A luxury item.

Pro-War Talking Heads on TV Have Big Ties to Military Contractors

By Lee Fang, The Nation

Shouldn’t the public know about these pundits' links to some of the largest military contractors in the world?

10 Sneaky Sugar Sources That Hold Your Weight Hostage

By JJ Virgin, The Huffington Post

You may be shocked to know that these seemingly innocuous foods contain added sugars.

The Training Manual for US Addiction Counselors Is Full of Myths

By ,

How can professionals work effectively when they are this misinformed?

'The Burning Bed,' 30 Years Later -- And Ray Rice, Now

By Susan Grigsby, Daily Kos

The groundbreaking TV movie highlighted the issue of domestic violence, which has been illustrated again with the case involving the NFL player.

Meet the Columbia Student Who Will Carry a Mattress on Campus Until Alleged Rapist is Expelled

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Emma Sulkowicz said the school had botched her case.

MI County Sells Injured Mom’s Home Over One Tax Bill, and Will Keep Extra $80,000 Profit

By David Edwards, Raw Story

A dream home turned into a nightmare.

Texas Proposes Rewriting School Books to Deny Manmade Climate Change

By Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian

In the proposed 6th grade texts, students were introduced to global warming amid false claims that there was scientific disagreement about its causes.