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Gary Younge is an author, broadcaster and award-winning columnist for the Guardian, based in Chicago. He also writes a monthly column for The Nation magazine and is the Alfred Knobler Fellow for The Nation Institute.  subscribe to Gary Younge's feed

Posted on: Oct 12, 2014, Source: The Guardian

Is there a price to pay for summarily killing a man?

Posted on: Apr 25, 2014, Source: The Nation

Progressive movements need to do a better job reaching the people they claim to serve.

Posted on: Dec 30, 2013, Source: The Nation

The passing of Mandela offers a prism through which to appreciate both the progress since the movement to end apartheid, as well as the limitations of its promises of justice and equality.

Posted on: Nov 18, 2013, Source: The Guardian

The Roma have been vilified as criminal elements in Great Britain, Hungary and the rest of Europe.

Posted on: Sep 24, 2013, Source: The Guardian

As wages stagnate and costs rise, US workers recognize the guiding ideal of this nation for the delusional myth it is.

Posted on: Aug 19, 2013, Source: Haymarket Books

When Martin Luther King Jr. asked his aides for advice about the speech, he was told, "Don’t use the lines about ‘I have a dream’ ... it’s cliché."

Posted on: Jul 14, 2013, Source: The Guardian

Calls for calm after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin are empty words for black families.

Posted on: Jun 30, 2013, Source: The Guardian

No sooner had the court pronounced racism dead than its skeleton emerged from cupboards galore and started doing the can-can on primetime.

Posted on: Jun 22, 2013, Source: The Guardian

Once Obama ascended to the Oval office, he was no longer simply talking for himself, but as commander-in-chief.

Posted on: Jun 17, 2013, Source: The Guardian

The violation of civil liberties in the name of security has compelled many to take enormous risks in the name of patriotism.

Posted on: Dec 25, 2011, Source: Comment Is Free

The Speaker of the House has been doing the Tea Party's bidding on the payroll tax--but this time they demanded too much, and the GOP had to admit defeat.

Posted on: Jul 15, 2011, Source: Nation Books

While identity is a crucial place to start in politics, it is a terrible place to finish. As a prism, it is both crucial and deeply flawed.

Posted on: May 23, 2011, Source: The Nation

Racial advancement is increasingly understood not as a process of social change but of individual promotion -- the elevation of a few black faces to high places.

Posted on: Mar 28, 2011, Source: Comment Is Free

To have credibility within the Republican party is to have none outside it. They act as if all their Kool-Aid has been spiked.

Posted on: Sep 28, 2010, Source: The Nation

That the American right, so contemptuous of Europeans on almost every level, should follow them on this front is alarming.

Posted on: Apr 12, 2010, Source: The Guardian

Reckless, anarchic and strident, the American right is living in a parallel world where fear and rage drive out the facts.

Posted on: Sep 11, 2009, Source: The Nation

Progressives could be forgiven for branding the right as stupid and crazy. But they would also be wrong.

Posted on: Mar 25, 2008, Source: The Nation

Feminism that does not embrace antiracism, like antiracism that does not embrace feminism, is not a comprehensive struggle for equality.

Posted on: Dec 24, 2007, Source: The Nation

The most potent bigots in Europe are not Muslims living in run-down housing projects, but white Christians in the corridors of power.

Posted on: Jun 23, 2005, Source: The Nation

Forty years after the fact, Edgar Killen is finally convicted of manslaughter in the killings of three civil rights workers. But the system that produced him remains alive and well.