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Les Leopold is the director of the Labor Institute in New York. His latest book is Runaway Inequality: An Activist's Guide to Economic Justice (Chelsea Green, 2015). For bulk orders contact him at  subscribe to Les Leopold's feed

Posted on: Feb 8, 2016, Source: AlterNet

The typical American has to work five years to earn that much.

Posted on: Jan 27, 2016, Source: AlterNet

The demeaning attacks on Bernie Sanders speak volumes about Hillary Clinton's worldview.

Posted on: Nov 10, 2015, Source: AlterNet

These facts provide the glue for the Sanders message.

Posted on: Oct 28, 2015, Source: AlterNet

America, supposedly the beacon of freedom and democracy, has become incarceration nation.

Posted on: Oct 19, 2015, Source: AlterNet

How much do you think the CEO of a large corporation makes in a year, on average?

Posted on: Oct 11, 2015, Source: Chelsea Green Publishing

How can we be so rich and still have such poor services, so much debt and such stagnant incomes?

Posted on: Jan 14, 2015, Source: AlterNet

Expect government services to further decline while the rich evade paying their taxes.

Posted on: Dec 31, 2014, Source: AlterNet

We have to curtail the power of high finance.

Posted on: Dec 17, 2014, Source: AlterNet

America is the richest country in all of history... with a whole lot of poor people.

Posted on: Dec 16, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Do you ever wonder why it takes the average family 47 years to make as much as a hedge fund honcho makes in one hour?

Posted on: Dec 15, 2014, Source: AlterNet

It's no accident that America is both the most unequal industrialized country, and has the largest prison population.

Posted on: Dec 5, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Other developed societies have a much stronger social contract to protect themselves from the finance industry.

Posted on: Nov 24, 2014, Source: AlterNet

We're far from poor—we just have a wildly lopsided distribution of wealth that makes us seem poor.

Posted on: Nov 14, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Corporate power is bad, but the financial industry is behind the atrocious wealth divide.

Posted on: Nov 10, 2014, Source: AlterNet

And no clear signs it's going to get better.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2014, Source: AlterNet

And much of it is legal.

Posted on: Sep 30, 2014, Source: AlterNet

We're number one? Hardly.

Posted on: Apr 23, 2014, Source: AlterNet

A political fight in Chicago could determine the future of pensions and public services.

Posted on: Mar 25, 2014, Source: AlterNet

Finance industry rakes it in from dubious fees.

Posted on: Mar 5, 2014, Source: AlterNet

The financial industry is a parasite on our society.