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Paul H. Rosenberg is senior editor at Random Lengths News, a biweekly serving the Los Angeles harbor area. He runs the site Merge Left, a community of progressive thinkers free to submit their own content. subscribe to Paul Rosenberg's feed

Posted on: Mar 20, 2015, Source: Salon

The middle class creates rich people, not the other way around.

Posted on: Mar 2, 2015, Source: Salon

9/11 truther spewed terrifying and hateful threats, and one dad could not let it go.

Posted on: Feb 21, 2015, Source:

Many are pushing disturbing revisionist histories.

Posted on: Feb 5, 2015, Source: Salon

From Fox News to angry police, the right's stock-in-trade is predictable and lame.

Posted on: Dec 28, 2014, Source: Salon

You're working more hours and not getting paid for them. We can fix that -- and put more people to work. Here's how.

Posted on: Dec 8, 2014, Source: Salon

Messaging matters, yes. But the brilliant cognitive linguist says there's more to winning elections than that.

Posted on: Nov 29, 2014, Source: Salon

Bush tanked the country. Now the right's again running the show. Neuroscience explains the incompetence of all sides.

Posted on: Nov 5, 2014, Source: Salon

Learn the lesson: The GOP won't work with you. Instead of bad compromises, enact a populist agenda and fight for it.

Posted on: Sep 10, 2014, Source: Salon

The underlying problem is a fundamental lack of resources, which turns poor communities into self-cannibalizing entities.

Posted on: Aug 29, 2014, Source: Salon

Night after night, Fox News doubles down on hate. Whether George Zimmerman, Bundy or Ferguson, it just gets worse.

Posted on: Aug 21, 2014, Source: Salon

True GOP believers who claim "limited government" has nothing to do with race are lying to themselves.

Posted on: Aug 18, 2014, Source: Salon

A new study found that voters’ values and partisanship had the strongest associations with distorted beliefs.

Posted on: Jul 29, 2014, Source: Salon

Phony WMD, Benghazi, birthers, truthers: turns out there's a scientific explanation for deniers and Tea Partiers.

Posted on: Jul 8, 2014, Source: Salon

The Tea Party controls the House. Religious extremists run the Supreme Court. We're approaching a very scary time.

Posted on: Jun 12, 2014, Source: Salon

The right was always going to obstruct Obama. Liberals must match their media might, or history will repeat itself.

Posted on: May 26, 2014, Source: Salon

What the right doesn't get about Memorial Day.

Posted on: May 14, 2014, Source: Salon

Donald Sterling stole the spotlight, but the menace from Bundy's supporters continues—and might be getting worse.

Posted on: May 13, 2014, Source: Salon

And the right-wing loons are back to talking about impeachment.

Posted on: May 9, 2014, Source: Salon

A refresher on how privilege works, and why race and gender matter.

Posted on: May 1, 2014, Source: Salon

You knew it was true. Now research proves it! The real motivation behind Rush, Sterling and defenses of awfulness.

Posted on: Apr 3, 2014, Source: Salon

According to parts of the Bible, the earth is both stationary and flat.

Posted on: Mar 8, 2014, Source:

In their warped view of society, only the individual exists -- with no social relations, shared history and culture.

Posted on: Jan 16, 2014, Source: Salon

I listened in to a recent conference call with conservative activists. What's their latest scheme?

Posted on: Jan 6, 2014, Source: Salon

By shifting the spectrum of debate, here's how America's rightward march has been normalized throughout history.

Posted on: Dec 4, 2013, Source: Salon

Actual research shows SNAP program promotes self-sufficiency, not a culture of dependence.

Posted on: May 2, 2013, Source: AlterNet

The air in Los Angeles is the cleanest it's been in decades, but it may be a matter of time before backsliding begins.

Posted on: Apr 7, 2013, Source: Al Jazeera English

The deeper lesson of the Iraq war is how America marginalises those who would save her, argues Rosenberg.

Posted on: Mar 22, 2013, Source: Al Jazeera

How rational problem-solving has ceased to be "serious" among US elites.

Posted on: Feb 25, 2013, Source: AlterNet

Feelings of disgust may be the key to saving the planet from global warming.

Posted on: Oct 22, 2012, Source: Al Jazeera

They've made out like bandits while Americans suffer. Yet a parade of some of the richest people in human history has recently formed to denounce President Obama for oppressing them.

Posted on: Nov 30, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Rightwing populism is an integral part of the conservative project, and it requires "outsider" figures of various sorts, no matter how wacky they may be.

Posted on: Sep 16, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Whatever disaster strikes, there's always an upside in religious rightland, always somebody to point the finger at with glee. Let's turn the tables.

Posted on: Aug 5, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Perry's endorsers are not just a random group of radical evangelists but part of a large and little-understood international religious movement.

Posted on: Jun 17, 2011, Source: Calitics

Posted on: May 29, 2011, Source: AlterNet

We should demand that the media cover the views of the majority.

Posted on: May 6, 2011, Source: AlterNet

Does extreme weather foretell the kind of climate that global warming is bringing us? Scientists say yes.

Posted on: Apr 25, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The entire story of America's 19th-century railroad boom was the exact opposite of what Rand's ideology imagines.

Posted on: Apr 4, 2011, Source: AlterNet

The attempt to intimidate University of Wisconsin professor William Cronon fits a larger pattern of conservative attacks on academics.