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Rebecca Solnit, a TomDispatch regular, is the author of 17 books, including an expanded hardcover version of her paperback indie bestseller Men Explain Things to Me and a newly released anthology of her essays about places from Detroit to Kyoto to the Arctic, The Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness.  subscribe to Rebecca Solnit's feed

Posted on: Dec 23, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

How to find hope on the subject of climate change in the face of a reality that others find almost too grim to consider.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

Having men speak out for women is an extraordinary turning point. Discuss.

Posted on: Sep 18, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

When it comes to climate change, there’s still a window open for action -- but it’s closing.

Posted on: Sep 18, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

Personal changes aren't enough; only great movements and collective action can save us now.

Posted on: Jun 2, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

All across America, women are defining the discussion of misogyny.

Posted on: May 20, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

Ideas don't go back in the box once they are out—no matter what conservatives say.

Posted on: Apr 7, 2014, Source: The Guardian

No species, place or beings will be spared in the coming catastrophes wrought by carbon barrons.

Posted on: Dec 22, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

I don’t know what’s coming. I do know that, whatever it is, some of it will be terrible, but some of it will be miraculous.

Posted on: Oct 24, 2013, Source: Creative Time Reports

Cities exist to promote culture. But gentrification is destroying this vital role.

Posted on: Oct 6, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

The corporate media aren’t exactly helping.

Posted on: Sep 15, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

Such transformative moments have happened in many times and many places—in these moments, the old order is shattered, governments and elites tremble, and civil society is born, or reborn.

Posted on: Aug 18, 2013, Source: TomDispatch

It can only happen if engaged citizenry create a widespread but thoroughly interconnected movement.

Posted on: Aug 1, 2013, Source: Truthout

People from across California and beyond will march on the Chevron Oil Refinery on the one year anniversary of the 2012 explosion and fire.

Posted on: Jul 18, 2013, Source: TomDispatch

A letter to the young man who placed our future before his own.

Posted on: Jun 25, 2013, Source:

The criticism of Silicon Valley brought about by revelations about spying is long overdue.

Posted on: Jun 13, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

What darkness and the far north have to do with creativity and empathy.

Posted on: May 19, 2013, Source:

If you take the long view, you’ll see how startlingly, how unexpectedly but regularly things change -- not by magic, but by countless acts of courage, love, and commitment.

Posted on: Jan 24, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

There' a pattern of violence against women that’s broad and deep and incessantly overlooked.

Posted on: Dec 25, 2012, Source: Tom Dispatch

The Demanding Gifts of 2012

Posted on: Sep 16, 2012, Source: TomDispatch

We can make history, and we have, and we will, but only when we keep our eyes on the prize, pitch a big tent, and don’t stop until we get there.

Posted on: Aug 19, 2012, Source: TomDispatch

Mansplaining is not a universal flaw of the gender, just the intersection between overconfidence and cluelessness where some portion of that gender gets stuck.

Posted on: Aug 7, 2012, Source: Orion Magazine

Urban agriculture: upscale fetish or revolution in the making? It depends in part on what you hope to cultivate.

Posted on: Jul 10, 2012, Source:

The Mexican drug cartels crave money, but they make that money from the way Yankees across the border crave numbness. They sell unfeeling. We buy it.

Posted on: Feb 21, 2012, Source:

The grand thieves invented ever more ingenious methods to crush the hopes and livelihoods of the many. This is the terrible violence that Occupy was formed to oppose.

Posted on: Dec 22, 2011, Source:

Posted on: Nov 22, 2011, Source:

So far, the Occupy instigators and Occupy insiders have been doing a brilliant job of improvising a way that civil society can move forward into the unimaginable.

Posted on: Oct 19, 2011, Source:

An open letter to Mohammed Bouazizi, whose self-immolation set off the Tunisian revolution, about the beautiful movements that have sprung up in the wake of his death.

Posted on: Jul 31, 2011, Source:

They may not make it into mainstream news, but hard working activists who understand that hope is not guaranteed continue to give us reasons to be optimistic.

Posted on: Mar 20, 2011, Source:

When do the abuses that have been tolerated for so long become intolerable? When does the fear evaporate and the rage generate action that produces joy?

Posted on: Dec 22, 2010, Source:

Behind our destructive system of unbridled capitalism is a shadow system of kindness, the other invisible hand. Let's celebrate it and help it grow in the future.

Posted on: Oct 24, 2010, Source:

Oil industry monsters from Texas are preying on California, pumping money into a campaign that would kill the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

Posted on: Jan 22, 2010, Source:

In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, false depictions of victims as criminals hinder the relief effort.

Posted on: Dec 20, 2009, Source:

Why does it seem as if we're in an action movie in which the fate of the Earth is at stake?

Posted on: Dec 1, 2009, Source: Comment Is Free

It's popular to think the world gets changed by delightful people, but agents of change are often obsessive, intransigent, unreasonable, and demanding.

Posted on: Sep 10, 2009, Source:

After 9/11, saw amazing acts of courage by ordinary people, including assembled flotilla of boats evacuated 300,000 to 500,000 people from lower Manhattan.

Posted on: Feb 9, 2009, Source:

Can a hedge-fund island lose its shirt and gain its soul?

Posted on: Dec 21, 2008, Source:

Getting to the bottom of criminal and racist that acts were no secret in New Orleans -- yet never became part of the official story.

Posted on: Apr 13, 2008, Source:

Facts didn't get in their way.

Posted on: Mar 19, 2008, Source: Orion Magazine

Answering that requires digging into American race and class wars, and into the broad crises of environmentalism.