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Posted on: Sep 7, 2016, Source:

Bill was on to something with CEO pay... it's time for Hillary to do the job.

Posted on: Mar 17, 2016, Source:

Start by telling your senators to do their job.

Posted on: Feb 27, 2016, Source:

In no objective universe is Rubio not an extremist.

Posted on: Aug 10, 2014, Source: Robert Reich's Blog

Shareholder capitalism wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Posted on: Nov 3, 2013, Source:

The bottom 90 percent of Americans have disappeared from official Washington.

Posted on: Sep 1, 2013, Source: Robert Reich's Blog

The use of chemical weapons against Syrian citizens is abominable, but have we learned nothing from our mistakes in the past?

Posted on: Aug 30, 2013, Source:

Why there's still reason to hold out hope for social justice in this country despite growing income inequality.

Posted on: Aug 23, 2013, Source: Robert Reich's Blog

If we continue the present path, high-quality public goods will be available to fewer and fewer.

Posted on: Jul 15, 2013, Source:

A small group of extremely wealthy people are systematically destroying the US government.

Posted on: Jun 10, 2013, Source:

It's as if an entire branch of the federal government—the one that's supposed to deal directly with the nation's problems—has gone out of business.

Posted on: May 28, 2013, Source:

Forbes Magazine deployed its small army of corporate defenders and apologists in the multi-billion dollar fight to keep effective tax rates low for global corporations.

Posted on: Apr 20, 2013, Source: Robert Reich's Blog

The deeper message here is that rural, older, white America occupies one land; younger, urban, increasingly non-white America lives in another.

Posted on: Mar 1, 2013, Source:

Sequestration grew out of a strategy hatched soon after they took over the House in 2011.

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013, Source: Robert Reich's Blog

The government is heading in exactly the wrong direction: raising taxes on the middle class, and cutting spending.

Posted on: Nov 28, 2012, Source: Robert Reich's Blog

Geithner sees the world through the eyes of Wall Street, not Main Street.

Posted on: Nov 21, 2012, Source:

We've got to stop obsessing about the deficit.

Posted on: Nov 13, 2012, Source:

If the past four years have proven anything it’s that the White House should not begin with a compromise.

Posted on: Nov 4, 2012, Source:

Despite its contradictions and ellipses, Romneyism has an internal coherence.

Posted on: Oct 30, 2012, Source:

Anyone who tells or countenances such lies cannot be trusted to hold the highest office in our land, because he has no compunctions about feeding false information to the public.

Posted on: Aug 23, 2009, Source: Huffington Post

Why has it come down to these six? Who anointed them?