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 Tom Engelhardt, co-founder of the American Empire Project and the author of The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became Obama’s as well as The End of Victory Culture, runs the Nation Institute's He is the author of, most recently, Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World (Haymarket Books, 2014).  subscribe to Tom Engelhardt's feed

Posted on: Nov 19, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

The leaders of terror groups have grasped the dynamics of our world and what provokes us into our own barbarous acts.

Posted on: Oct 15, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

The national security state and the military seem to have created an un-intelligence system.

Posted on: Sep 29, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

Boogiemen lurk around every corner, as do high crimes and dark conspiracies.

Posted on: Sep 10, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

Disappointing results have become the new norm across the Greater Middle East and Africa, which breeds frustration in Washington.

Posted on: Sep 8, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

Over a decade later, we've learned nothing and gotten infinitely more barbaric.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

This story is about a bottle, a message, time, war, my mom, and me.

Posted on: Jun 21, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

The Real (Armed) Dangers of American Life.

Posted on: Jun 5, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

If you're graduating from a liberal arts college, you've been taken for a ride. Start getting used to it.

Posted on: May 20, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

There’s a certain repetition factor in our increasingly bizarro American world that lends predictability to that future.

Posted on: May 3, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

The fact that the US government stopped counting in public didn’t stop the body count from happening.

Posted on: Apr 23, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

Our world is a far more screwed up, degraded place.

Posted on: Mar 20, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

A new kind of governance is being born right before our eyes.

Posted on: Mar 1, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

My letter to an unknown American patriot.

Posted on: Feb 17, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

Machine guns, MRAPs, surveillance, drones: we, the people, are ever less in control of anything.

Posted on: Feb 4, 2015, Source: Tom Dispatch

In the last six decades, the American national security state has freed itself of us and of Congress.

Posted on: Feb 3, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

What’s missing is any sense of connection to the government, or that we the people matter.

Posted on: Jan 11, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

In twenty-first-century America, the “right to bear arms” has been extended in every direction.

Posted on: Jan 6, 2015, Source: TomDispatch

The dangers are growing.

Posted on: Dec 18, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

Let's travel forward in time when we get a Senate report on the drone program.

Posted on: Nov 25, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

Imagine what the war hawks would be spouting in Congress.

Posted on: Nov 17, 2014, Source: Haymarket Books

Not even the author of "1984" could have envisioned a world dominated by a single superpower.

Posted on: Oct 19, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

Back to that Hong Kong hotel room with Snowden.

Posted on: Aug 14, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

With its latest onslaught in Gaza, Israel may again be emboldening an enemy while creating worldwide sympathy for the Palestinians.

Posted on: Aug 3, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

Who rules Washington?

Posted on: Jul 13, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

The U.S. looks less like a functioning empire than an imperial basket case.

Posted on: Jun 19, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

And the consequences of our folly.

Posted on: Jun 15, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

In World War II soldiers were "dogfaces” or G.I. (government issue) Joes who saw the military as a grim necessity.

Posted on: Apr 17, 2014, Source: TomDispatch

The comparison between "green-on-blue" violence in Afghanistan and the recent Fort Hood shooting is not one the mainstream media is likely to make.

Posted on: Mar 2, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

We’re headed fast for uncharted territory, with the headlights off.

Posted on: Feb 2, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

But the idea of a futureless humanity is difficult to take in—so the media just doesn't cover it.

Posted on: Jan 5, 2014, Source: Tom Dispatch

Our massive National Security State's main global enemy consists of lightly armed jihadis and wannabes.

Posted on: Nov 24, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

Doesn't the direction we're heading in leave you with the urge to jump out of your skin?

Posted on: Sep 3, 2013, Source:

Not even the author of "1984" could have envisioned a world dominated by a single superpower.

Posted on: Aug 18, 2013, Source: TomDispatch

"The End of Victory Culture" examines the relationship between U.S. military conflicts and children's entertainment.

Posted on: Aug 4, 2013, Source:

The Manning trial began on 9/11—that's when the U.S. began to change.

Posted on: Jul 28, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

After years in absentia, poof! Robert Seldon Lady, convicted of kidnapping by Italy, reappeared out of nowhere. Then he was gone again.

Posted on: Jul 23, 2013, Source:

The U.S. military has failed to win a single one of its numerous wars in our time. But hey, who has to win a specific war when it’s“wartime” all the time?

Posted on: Jul 18, 2013, Source:

On the world stage, America's behavior is appalling.

Posted on: Jun 24, 2013, Source:

Terms like "extreme weather" or "severe weather" convey destruction without any sense of responsibility.

Posted on: Jun 16, 2013, Source: Tom Dispatch

We face a strangely contradictory future in which ever more draconian regimes of secrecy will confront urges for ever greater transparency.