10 Guns Found in Schools Last Week

Kids as young as age seven were found with guns at school.

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Based on a count from Daily Kos’ David Waldman, 10 guns were discovered on elementary, middle and high school properties during the same week the nation saw another mass shooting.

  • Clarksburg, WV: A middle school student brought a gun to school, and gave it to another student, who turned it in.
  • Chattanooga, TN: A possibly loaded gun was found in a 7-year-old boy’s backback. He had brought it from home, and the discovery forced the school to go into lockdown.
  • Mobile, AL: An eighth grader brought a gun to school.
  • Nashville, NC: An elementary schoolgirl brought an unloaded gun into school. Teachers found it in her backpack.
  • Paramus, NJ:Staff saw a 17-year-old acting suspiciously, and ended up finding an unloaded gun in his backpack.
  • Providence, RI: A 15-year-old tried to sell a gun during class, and also brought it out during a fight after school.
  • Hawthorne, FL: A 16-year-old student brought a loaded gun to school.
  • Knoxville, TN: A gun was confiscated from a 15 year old student.
  • Shreveport, LA:A 10th grade student carried an unloaded handgun in his waistband.
  • Kansas City, MO: A school employee with a concealed carry permit brought a gun in his vehicle to school property.

There have been at least 16 mass shootings since Newtown, and schools are on high alert. But not helping matters is the National Rifle Association’s call to arm more people everywhere, even though we’ve seen gun owners leave their firearms in absolutely the worst places possible. Just Tuesday, a staffer for the Missouri House Speaker left his loaded pistol in the state capitol restroom.

Rebecca Leber is a research assistant for the ThinkProgress war room. She graduated from the University of Rochester and holds a B.A. in political science and English with a minor in economics.

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