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100 Men, Women and Children Killed in Gaza as Obama Declares Full American Support for Israel

Sunday marked the deadliest day for Palestinians in Gaza, as Israel's heavy bombardment of the coastal strip killed yet more civilians. By Monday, the death toll had risen to over 100 people in Gaza--58 of them civilians.

Palestinian women mourn four-year-old Mahmoud Raed Sadallah, who was killed following an explosion in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip, 16 November.
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Sunday marked the deadliest day for Palestinians in Gaza, as Israel's heavy bombardment of the coastal strip killed yet more civilians. By Monday, the death toll had risen to over 100 people in Gaza;  according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, at least 58 civilians have been killed so far. Additionally, according to the centre, at least "535 Palestinians, including 520 civilians, have been wounded – this number includes 140 children and 83 women."

24 people on Sunday were killed,  according to Ma'an News--the deadliest day yet for Palestinians in Gaza since the Israeli assault, dubbed "Operation Pillar of Cloud," began.

The New York Times' on-the-ground reporters have  details on a deadly strike on a home in Gaza Sunday:

Israeli forces killed at least 11 people, including several children, in a single airstrike that destroyed a home here on Sunday, as Israel pressed its bombardment of the Gaza Strip for a fifth day, deploying warplanes and naval vessels to pummel the coastal enclave.

The airstrike, which the Israeli military said was meant to kill a Palestinian militant involved in the recent rocket attacks, was the deadliest operation to date and would no doubt weigh on negotiations for a possible cease-fire. Among the dead were five women and four small children, The Associated Press reported, citing a Palestinian health official.

The strike reportedly leveled "the al-Dalou family home in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City,"  Ma'an reports.

Haaretz has  more details on the strike on the al-Dalou family:

Earlier reports by the IDF Spokesman to the effect that Israel assassinated the head of Hamas' rocket-launching unit Yehiya Rabiah today in an aerial bombing in northern Gaza appear to have been inaccurate. Apparently, the IAF mistakenly bombed the home of one of his neighbors, Mohammed a-Dallo, killing 10 members of his family and two of his neighbors. Rabiah seems to have survived the attack.

The Times  also reports that "in Israel, 3 civilians have died and 63 have been injured. Four soldiers were wounded on Saturday."

The occupied West Bank saw intense protests and clashes over the Gaza assault.  Ma'an News reports that "over 50 people were injured on Sunday during protests in the West Bank and East Jerusalem against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip." 

Two rockets fired from Gaza in the direction of Tel Aviv were  struck down by the U.S.-financed Iron Dome system today. 

And as Mondoweiss' Allison Deger reports, the "Israeli military targeted two media buildings in the Gaza Strip, injuring six journalists with one losing his leg in an amputation after the bombing."

Reporters Without Borders condemned the Israeli attack on journalists in a press release:

“These attacks constitute obstruction of freedom of information,” Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “We remind the Israeli authorities that, under humanitarian law, the news media enjoy the same protection as civilians and cannot be regarded as military targets.

“Even if the targeted media support Hamas, this does not in any way legitimize the attacks. We call for a transparent investigation into the circumstances of these air strikes. Attacks on civilian targets are war crimes and serious violations of the Geneva Conventions. Those responsible must be identified.”

The Committee to Protect Journalist  likewise condemned the attack on the media building.

On Monday morning, reports came in that Israel had targeted journalists again. According to independent Palestinian news agency Ma'an, there was "one killed, three injured in Israeli strike on Shorouq media building in Gaza City."

In Egypt, cease-fire talks have reportedly broken down for now, according to reporter Sheera Frenkel.  On Twitter, she wrote: "Hamas official Abu Zahri says that ceasefire negotiations in Cairo have failed."  Haaretz reported earlier that a "Senior official in Jerusalem confirms that Israeli envoy has arrived in Cairo for cease-fire talks. According to the official, Israel does not expect any breakthrough in talks, and preparations for a possible ground offensive are ongoing."

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