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Pat Robertson Admits He Blew The Election Prediction He Got From God

According to Robertson, God wasn't wrong. He just didn't hear him right.

Photo Credit: dno1967b on Flickr


In January, televangelist Pat Robertson told 700 Club viewers that in his annual New Year’s “conversation” with God, the  Almighty had revealed to him who the next president would be. Up through Election Day, Robertson  harshly criticized President Obama and the  Democratic Party while praising Mitt Romney. Then, Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network  predicted a GOP sweep, leaving Robertson  utterly confounded by Obama’s victory.

Today, responding to a  question from a viewer who wondered why her business is struggling since she thought God told her it would be successful, Robertson admitted that he sometimes misses God’s message. “So many of us miss God, I won’t get into great detail about elections but I sure did miss it, I thought I heard from God, I thought I had heard clearly from God, what happened?” Robertson replied, “You ask God, how did I miss it? Well, we all do and I have a lot of practice.”


Brian Tashman is a research associate at Right Wing Watch, the blog of People for the American Way.
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